Selfless Aid To Elderly Woman

A simple act of kindness can go a long way. Recently in North Carolina the weather has been far less than dry. This is the scene when an elderly lady came into a local grocery store to get some must needed groceries. After checking out, the rain was still pouring down.

The young bagger at the check out stand asked if she would like some help getting her groceries to her car. She stated that she did not need the help. Again the young man asked if she would like some help to her car, and again she stated that it was not necessary.

On the third time she again said no, and the bag boy responded with the statement that he did not feel this was what she truly wanted. She had responded with saying that she did not want him to get wet because of the rain. 

The bagger grabbed an umbrella and helped her to her car. He got all of her groceries in the car and made sure that she was comfortably situated in the vehicle. Upon turning to walk back to the store the umbrella inverted soaking the bagging clerk.

Keeping a positive attitude and a smile on his face, the clerk walked back to the store. Once in the store he was met with a resounding round of applause. Customers applauded his kindness towards the elderly woman. A truly great gesture that the bagging clerk made was recognized and appreciated by those who witnessed it.

What is more is that the act was caught in a video by an onlooker. Posted to social media, and websites, this video has gone viral. Without trying, the young bagging clerk has become a viral sensation, and all he did was perform a selfless act of kindness to a person in need. 

It just goes to prove that while every act of kindness is not immediately rewarded, every one of them is appreciated. As those selfless individuals step up to aid others in need, they are making a difference in the world around them. They are making our world a better place to be and live in.

If more people would see the need to help when needed and not wait for the other to ask, we would all be living in a better world. For now, it is best to simply thank those who step up when the need presents itself.


Teacher wins money and game show and guess what she did with it?

Most people who get any chance whatsoever to win money will be thinking of all the things they could buy for themselves, the bills they could pay, thinking about what kind of car they want to buy for themselves, or what kind of vacation they will take. Even if they aren’t thinking about themselves, they normally think about their family and all the things they can buy or do for them. Well not all people, because a school teacher from Australia went on a game show on television and won $20,000. 

A thirty two year old lady named Bri Dredge was on a television show called “Millionaire Hot Seat.” After guessing the right answers several times, she finally made it to the $20,000 spot when she lost. Most people would have been upset that they didn’t make it further, but not this lady. Well she was just fine with that, because she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her winnings, she decided that the very best way to spend that money was to use the money she won and buys each and every child in her school-Yuille Park Community College in Ballarat, brand new shoes. A community college in Australia is equal to a Kindergarten through eighth grade here in the United States.

Now you would think after all that hard work and effort she would spend some of it on herself or her family, wouldn’t you think? Well guess what, we are wrong again. She decided she wanted to spend the money on the kids in her school where she is a teacher. It isn’t clear if she had decided before the show what she wanted to do if she won money, or if it is something she decided to do after she won the money.

She said when she walked into her school the kids were so happy. They each gave her a big hug and told her how thankful they were to her. They were so happy and so thankful; it made her feel so good about being able to do something for them. She said it made the whole thing worthwhile for her. She bought each child-all 200 of them-expensive leather shoes that would last them a long time. She wanted to make sure that they had good, sturdy shoes to last them through a long, freezing winter.

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Free Internet to Public Housing

There are times when families are unable to pay for a home. They might not be able to have the luxuries that other families have, such as cable or internet. President Obama wants to make the lives of those who are on public housing a little easier by providing broadband service. This might sound ideal for those who are living in this kind of housing situation, but it shows just how much the income levels of people haven’t improved and how much almost everyone relies on the internet in some way or another.

When you live in a public housing unit, you usually have to meet certain income requirements. If you don’t have the money to pay rent, then you likely don’t have the money to pay for the extras. There are jobs that people need the internet for, and that’s one of the benefits of making broadband available to more people. However, there is a time when there should either be a small fee for the service, or the service should be offered to everyone for the same price instead of some people getting internet for free and others having to pay for internet. If this idea is passed, it would only verify that there is a divide between those who make a lot of money and those who are rich. There are already divisions among the rich and the poor, such as the kind of housing that people live in and the kind of clothes that people wear.

There is about $70 million slated to be invested in this idea, but there is no guarantee it will work. If there are children in the home, then this would be a better idea. Simply offering free internet to those who don’t want to work is just a little absurd in some instances.

Joseph Bismark Believes in Business with Spirituality Added

Joseph Bismark embraces his philosophical beliefs and is on a move to change lives doing what he loves, helping society. He works closely with MLM (multi-level marketing) business phenomenon Vijay Eswaran. Bismark is part of the multinational QI Group team where he’s the director of management. At QI Group, Bismark undertakes the company’s core operations. It’s been almost a decade since he assumed this role back in December of 2008. He’s an exemplary leadership of QI and his superior service has been a driving force of the company’s success. Bismark is dynamically knowledgeable and experienced. He’s honed numerous skills ranging from instructing yoga, bonsai to martial arts.

The Filipino native is a certified philosophy and meditation trainer who embraces spiritualism. At age 9, Bismark abandoned a comfortable life to become an ordained monk. He devoted his life to a Philippines-based ashram in the lonely mountains. He left the monastery at age 17 and has been sharing his wisdom with society ever since. He became a guru at age 17 and inherited the ordained pseudonym “Japa das.” Bismark later formed an alliance with business partner Vijay Eswaran with whom he established QI Groups. The multimillion dollar conglomerate has reached international status with offices and representatives worldwide.

Bismark’s faith and devotion to religion, truth and spirituality are admirable. As an instrumental vehicle of the company, he’s put a focus on expansion and development. He handles the venture’s organic food segment and wellness programs. Mr. Bismark is a committed health and wellness advocate himself. Besides his directing duties at QI Group, Bismark spends a reasonable amount of time engaging in charitable efforts, particularly with the well-received RHYTHM Foundation. He’s undertaken numerous projects in the interest of humanitarianism. Bismark currently resides in Singapore and supervises the company’s operations remotely.

With GOW (Gem-of-Wisdom), a series that Bismark introduced to inspire young, hopeful entrepreneurs looking to nurse a business career, QI Group has reached immeasurable success. Through teamwork, these like-minded budding entrepreneurs share their ideas and experiences to cultivate competitive business practices. As visionary founder alongside Dr. Eswaran, Bismark has dedicated his life to educating society and uplifting global communities. It’s been 16+ years since he’s begun this journey and he’s content with his achievements. 

Bismark firmly believes that anyone can succeed in business if he or she explores the right resources and tools. With the launch of QNet products and compensation plans, budding entrepreneurs and young business professionals can look toward a promising future. He recently spoke at a conference, V-Malaysia, sharing motivational thoughts about entrepreneurship and how it generates wealth. Millions look to Bismark for mentorship and guidance as they undertake lucrative business projects to turn a profit. At QNET, his primary focus on continuing to enrich the culture of multi-level marketing through various channels. 

Unlike other visionaries who have failed to balance a business and spiritualism, Bismark achieved oneness. He leads a grounded life, quite content and devotional with what he’s accomplished. He’s a forward thinker with a positive attitude towards life and self-growth. He describes the relationship formed by workers as a brotherhood with a vision of unity, respect, and admiration for each others achievements. He continues to selflessly commit to educating society about the value of achieving inner peace and self-growth. His blog GOW, books and ministry to society has changed the lives of millions.

Every now and again you find someone with superior spirituality and dedication to others. Such is the case with Joseph Bismark. He is currently the Group Managing Director of the QI Group. This company is based on wellness and lifestyle products, as well as project management and luxury collectibles. He has been the Director here since 2008, even though he was one of the co-founders of the company back in 1998. His book “Gems of Wisdom” allows enthusiasts an opportunity to see how the responsibilities of this company fall on his shoulders. One of his strengths is he has the ability to balance both his work and family life, with his philosophy to love and give more. 

His Spiritual Awakening

His entire life changed when he met one of the disciples of the founder of the Hare Krishna Movement. He was just 17 years old. The leader imparted wisdom to him that changed his entire life. He gave him a new spiritual name, Yogini. First and foremost he is a servant of God, and his journey could have never taken the dramatic turns it has without Him. His spiritual being is always the first consideration in everything he does. He is a devout follower of the Sanskrit religion. 

The Birth of The QI Group

His partner, Vijay Eswaran and his wife, came to his Manila, Philippines home for a business meeting. Both being vegetarians, this gave them a foundation and a like-minded nature to begin conversations. They developed a friendship overtime, and he begin to learn the ways of network marketing. It began to click how he could get paid based on teaching people and then earning from their loyalties. He thought his friend wanted to get him involved with Costway stores, which he didn’t want any part of. In fact, his friend led him down a whole different path. He wanted him to speak to people and motivate them, two things Bismark knew he could do. When he believes in something, he knew that he would have great influence over them. He joined him and they were able to build a network. After many years they formed what was called the QI Group.

Gems of Wisdom

He admits that he is not a corporate person; he is more focused on the marketing aspects. However, when he was approached by Mr. Eswaran to take the Director’s position, he reluctantly agreed. During his initial days in this role, he struggled with how he could communicate with the more than 1,500 employees that the company has. He didn’t feel that the employees needed to learn to enhance their skills; rather he wanted to teach them the philosophy they were grounded on. He started with internet posts and blogging for them to read. Then he began to put his works down essay, and then it was made into a book. The book “Gems of Wisdom” was born. These days he enjoys Tweeting on Twitter and reaading the response that he gets from his blogs. 

How Does He Balance His Busy Career?

Bismark says people have time for what’s important to them. His family is one of the most significant aspects in his life, and he always has time for them. His philosophy is simple; family comes first. He always tries to make himself available to both his work and home families. However, he expects some understanding with the demands on his time. He is a very busy man with responsibilities and there are just some occasions that he cannot be there. As a father of four, birthdays are important and that’s one celebration he tries to never miss.

Business and Spirituality are a Good Combination
Joseph Bismark is an extraordinary businessman. He is also an individual who has a deep and solid belief in the truth. The corporate world is filled with competition and with a desire for success. Does peace of mind and spirituality have a place in the busy business world? Joseph Bismark is one businessman who does hold the belief that business and spirituality make a good combination. A bond and a connection with your fellow business colleague will give those involved a strong sense of harmony within a business. It may be considered brotherhood in the world of business. Peace and goodwill to all men and woman have been proven, by Mr. Bismark, to be of great value. Joseph does believe that success, business, and a spirituality lead to an enhanced corporation. He has shown through Qnet, he is a member on the board of directors, that his unique belief really does work in the business world.

Knowledge gained in the Philippines
Joseph Bismark may have found his calling in his life in the Philippines many years ago. He was a young lad when he left home and became a monk. He was able to do this within the mountains of the Philippines. He then was able to bring his learned spiritual belief with him into the business world. He had been greatly impacted by the teachings in the ashram within the mountains. He was able to take his spiritual principles and combine them with business principles. He rose swiftly with this combination. He became the Managing Director for the QI Group in the year 2008. He was a key player within the Qnet company founding. He is a firm believer in the power of strong team players. He is an individual who does place a high value in integrity and the running of a business. His belief does include that success is not measured by achievements of a material nature. Success does include a spiritual awakening within the world of business. This is inner peace combined with service that is both meaningful as well as selfless. Joseph Bismark has proven that he is an intellect and a businessman. He has shown that there truly is a place for spirituality in the corporate business world.


Joseph was born into luxury. He had everything money could buy. He soon learned that money was not the most important thing in life. He learned that money can not bring you everything. Money can not teach a person everything he/she needs to learn. 

Joseph left home at the age of nine. He left behind all of his creature comforts for a life as a monk. He spent about 7 years in the Philippines. It was during this time his life was forever changed. It was during this time he learned that life wasn’t about money or the material things in life, it was about spirituality. Life is about being true to oneself, not inviting all those other distractions in.

Joseph returned home during his later teen years. He came back home a changed man. Soon after he came home, he was pushed into the corporate world of business. He have been placed knee-deep in the corporate world, but his new ideals still remained in tact. His path as a monk taught him not to “sell out.” He quickly found a healthy way of combining the two. He has learned there is a way to be a success;and yet, remain true to who you are inside.


He is now bringing his new way of thinking to the business world. He is finding a great way to share the lessons he learned during those years as a monk. 

The corporate world can be very cut-throat. It’s full of people who will do what they have to for the sake of survival. In his lessons, Joseph teaches there is way to survive without being nasty. In the corporate world, you work your butt off to make it to the top. Truth be told, only a few end up making it. In the business world, there is a sense that you need to change who you are to succeed. There is a sense you have to become something you are not. 

This is exactly what Joseph is trying to impress upon those he teaches. He teaches a person can still be a success, without stepping on others to get there. A person can still be a success and treat his/her co-workers with respect. 

What the business world lacks is spirituality. The idea is to connect with something greater then yourself. As people, we are taught to believe you need to sell your soul to make it in the corporate world. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The idea is to stay humble and grounded, no matter how far up the ladder you go. The idea is to be honest about who you are, without i being held against you. These ideals have been lacking for a long time. Joseph is just one of the few who are trying to bring it back.

The great thing about Joseph is he has lived in both worlds. He came from a wealthy background; and yet, he has also walked a humbling path. This path is what he says “shaped” him. He has learned that money comes and goes. Spirituality is the only thing which will last.

Want more information on Joseph and his teachings? You can find them online or on Google+. You can also visit his official webpage. Don’t be afraid to take the journey of discovering both. Truth is, a person can’t really be successful in business, without being successful in faith. It’s time we stop excluding one from the other. It’s time to embrace both, because having success in both can teach us all something of value.

Voat Emerges As a Social Media Alternative

For many on the internet, can be called home. The site promotes itself as the front page of the internet, and in some ways it delievers on that promise. Most viral videos sensations can be found on Reddit’s video section a few days before they explode over all other social medias. Recently, though, Reddit has had issues with policy changes to their community, and a revolving door of admins including the return of an old CEO. Reddit came to popularity shortly after administrative issues at For some, the occurrence of these issues has signaled the time to leave Reddit and migrate to a new website. is looking to be the new home for these wanderers. Pronounce it to ryhme with goat. 

At first glance, an experienced Reddit user might mistake Voat for a slightly off color version of Reddit. The site is built in a very similar fashion; users are able to subscribe to a variety of forums known as “subverses” that will change how their front page appears, and can help filter content with a voting system. The vote system is designed to keep the best content at the top of the page. This is meant to allow users to tailor their browsing experience. Voat has described itself as the evolution of the Reddit experience. 

Despite only coming in to the spotlight in the past few months, Voat originally launched in April 2014. It was originally called WhoaVerse, and began as a project by two Swedish college students. The site exploded in popularity last month when Reddit enacted new anti harassment policies. The site experienced so much popularity that their servers crashed under the new traffic. It is hard to say exactly how many people migrated over to Voat. The website’s traffic is still too small to track, but it is known that Reddit’s traffic dropped by about 600,000.

The main question for both Voat and Reddit is whether the two can exist harmoniously, or if this will resemble the death of Myspace at the hands of Facebook. Some Reddit users who disagree with the policy changes are actively promoting Voat in hopes of just that. According to a CNet article these sorts of exoduses are far more possible online than in real life. In the real world new alternatives aren’t always available, and new businesses need time to grow slowly. According to Sree Sreenivasan, “Loyalty is there but not guaranteed. Supremacy on the Web is not guaranteed to anyone anymore.” 

The biggest difference between Voat and Reddit lies in thier handling of free speech. On the heels of Reddit’s new anti harassment policies, Voat released a statement proclaiming that no legal subject should be out of bounds. As Reddit attempts to bring itself into the mainstream, it seems that the company will have to continue to police speech by its more aggressive users. Voat seemed optimistic about what that would do to their traffic. The website’s owner simply said “We are looking to expand.”

Disney Hopes To Capture The Magic Of Aladdin With The Live Action Film Genies

Disney has enjoyed much commercial success with live action movies such as Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent, and it now appears that Disney is diving deeper into its’ cannon. Currently a live action prequel to Aladdin is in the works. 

This screenplay was developed by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. Tripp Vinson is also slated as a producer. Shannon and Swift previously worked on Freddy vs. Jason and the Friday the 13th remake. Vinson served as an executive producer for the San Andreas summer blockbuster.

The film is still in the very early planning stages. Under the working title of Genies, this film aims to explore the Genie’s backstory as well as the realm that genies originate from. Many will recall the beloved Robin Williams as the brilliant tour de force talent that breathed life in to the 1992 animated Aladdin. Filling his shoes would be impossible, so this genie must be a reimagined genie in order for this effort to be successful.

The writers had much wiggle room in creating the Genie’s backstory, because the animated film never gave the Genie by any other name than “Genie”. Because this was left open ended, the Genie could essentially be anyone and could come from any kind of background. This film will most likely explore the Genie’s life before he was trapped in the lamp as well as what caused the Genie to be sentenced to the imprisonment in the lamp in the first place. The prequel may be designed to launch into a live action Aladdin movie as well.

Aladdin is still one of the more popular stories in Disney’s archives and the Tony award winning musical has enjoyed commercial and critical success. Because this story is beloved and has resonated with audiences of different generations, Disney found this story to be ripe for a live action prequel.

Maleficent serves as the blueprint for the prequel approach. The prequel drew large a large audience and was deemed a box office success. Essentially, creating a backstory for a mysterious character served Disney well in this model. 

Other than the prequel approach, Disney is also attempting remake animated movies. Beauty and the Beast is anticipated to be a live action remake of the animated film. Hopefully Genies will feature a reimagined Genie; otherwise it is placing the Genie as a character that will be but a shadow of the animated counterpart that Robin Williams brilliantly depicted.

Much due to Disney’s live action box office successes, audiences can expect many more live action Disney films in the future. In fact, many animated classics are in the works to receive the live action makeover treatment. Some films that have been cited as upcoming projects include a live action Dumbo, Jungle Book, Mulan and Pinocchio. Some of these films will most likely be live action remakes of the original animated films.

It should prove interesting to see how this project develops. With all the live action films in development, the Mouse House is anticipating that audiences are eager for the live action cinematic journey.

Understanding the World While in a Coma

If you have ever wanted to know what a coma is like, then talk to a teenager who was in a coma for about two weeks. She had surgery in order to treat cystic fibrosis. While she was in a coma, there were things that she pictured and saw that you might not think someone would see at this point in life.

The teen has given descriptions about the feelings that she has had and the images that she experienced. Some of those images were of her own making. The Alaskan wilderness is one of the things that the girl imagined while she was in a coma. Even though she wanted to be in Alaska, she was really in a hospital bed in California. The reason she was in a coma was because of an infection in her blood. Since she woke up, has started talking to others to get them to understand what life is really like while in a coma.

Some people might imagine that the person who is in a coma can’t see anything or hear anything. It’s like the person is simply there, unaware of the surroundings. While this can take place, this teen demonstrates that there is still brain activity. Just because you aren’t showing your emotions and aren’t able to talk to others doesn’t mean that you don’t hear everything that goes on in the room.

Some people remain in a coma for years. This teen gives hope that the family and friends can talk to someone with the person understanding what is being said. It gives an opportunity for researchers to delve farther into the world of neurology to discover exactly what might take place in the brain during a coma. The information gathered could change the face of medicine if comatose patients are found to understand the world instead of simply being a shell.