100 People Save Man eater

It is not everyday that we see a group of people scrambling towards a shark.
Yes. A shark. A 14 foot great white to be exact. This was not just a handful of
folks either. There were roughly 100 people gathered and willing to lend a hand.
(Not get one bitten.)

It is heart warming to see so many people together to help a creature that
could surely rip them apart given the right circumstances. This is just another
way that humanity shows it’s empathy for all living things.


The Bees Sting Back In The Courtroom

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has recently had their
approval over tuned of Sulfoxaflor a pesticide that has been linked to
the mass deaths of millions of honeybees the world over.
The decrease in bees has affected at least 1/3 of the world’s food supply.
This is a serious issue that thankfully is being dealt with.

Most people have probably been at least somewhat aware of this for a while now.
The fact of the matter is that without honeybees pollinating the plant life we
depend on well, we die as a result also.

The realization of this has brought about a great victory for the side of the bees.
The EPA’s guidelines for registering unconditionally were based upon inaccurate and
and misleading information. Now the product in all of it’s forms must be removed
from retail shelves by October 18th.

This will in turn surely lead to more investigating on the quality of the products
that are being used. In this case it will likely spur them to make sure the “facts”
that they produce are based on substantially gathered evidence.
We all win in this particular case.