Heartwarming Animal Rescue

There are times when I get really sick of reading about and watching depressing news reports, and I just want to read about something positive. The news is full of negativity, and I believe that the negativity that we all see day to day may contribute to a lot of society’s depression problems. I was lucky enough to come across this article on the Huffington Post website. When I came across the article under the Huffington Post’s Community Kindness section about a sweet female pit bull that has been over bred and abused getting a second chance my eyes and heart lit up. I am a dog lover, and I own the kindest dog with the most unique personality that was a rescue as well.

The article was about a pit bull named Nana. She is about 8 years old, and her breeding days are long past her despite the fact that she was bred to the point that the poor thing looks perpetually pregnant from her years of abuse. Nana has no teeth, and that may be because she was kept in her cage all the time, and she also has no ears from an amateur surgery so she’s also deaf. This all sounds terrible, but at least Nana is now safe, and she trusts humans again. In 2013, Nana’s new owner Doris wasn’t in the market for a new dog, but after seeing Nana’s picture, (a picture of Nana can be seen by clicking here) and a request from the shelter for a foster home, Doris decided to apply to foster Nana, and she says it was one of the best decisions of her life.

It took about six months from the time Nana came to stay with Doris before the arrangement had become a permanent one, and fostering had become a full fledged adoption. Nana went from being abused and having an estimated 15 litters of puppies in her short life to living a life of dog luxury. Doris originally adopted Nana from the Los Angeles City Animal Shelter, and the two lived in southern California for a while, but the pair have since relocated to Las Vegas, and Nana and Doris both feel very lucky to have one another.

They make a very good team. Together they are also spreading awareness, and they’re advocates for other abused animals. Dogs, especially like Nana, should not be discarded like trash. They deserve a second chance.


Elderly Man Gets More Than Great Customer Service At Chicago McDonalds

We all know that McDonald’s workers don’t make a great deal of money. Most of these employees are minimum wage workers who probably work harder than many who make much more than they do. One story out of Chicago shows that it doesn’t really matter what kind of job you have, just as long as you do it to the best of your abilities.

It was Destiny Carreno that reported the story on Facebook and has caused the world to take notice. She was in the downtown McDonald’s location in Chicago when she noticed an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair approach the countertop area. The little man went to the counter not to order food, but he wanted to know if someone could help him because he was having problems with eating his food. The man clearly suffered from some disabilities, but asking for help probably was the hardest thing for him.

Carreno said that she didn’t think the cashier was going to help the man. There was a line out the door, and the restaurant was very busy. However, what the cashier did next was so moving and touching Carreno stood there with tears in her eyes. Not only did the cashier leave his position, but he went and sat with the man. He helped him cut his food and he fed it to him too. It was rush hour and the place was hopping, yet this worker took the time out of his schedule to help someone in need.

The pictures of this event have gone viral and though this person may just be a McDonald’s worker, he is one of the best. Taking time out of our busy lives to care about someone else is a great way to show that there are still good people in this world. This little elderly man was obviously having significant trouble eating his food. What this worker did for him was priceless. Imagine his manager when he told him that he was shutting down his register. Remember, it was the busiest time of the day, and his absence left a big void in the cashier’s ability to service the customers. However, he changed the life of a man that day by giving him help. Hats off to this cashier and his amazing heart, he has forever made an impact on a man who needed help.

Firefighters Mow Lawn for Heart Attack Victim

It is often in times of great stress and tragedy, where people come out with their best actions and redeem your view of them. One article struck me as a great way to turn around a negative event like a heart attack into a positive story.

A man who lived outside of Tampa in Spring Hill had a heart attack, however, the service of first responders did not end with contacting the hospital and getting an ambulance. Instead, members of the Hernando County Fire Department decided to stick around and help the man who suffered the heart attack as well as his family. They stuck around and mowed his lawn and took care of his yard work, which they were not obligated to do.

This nice gesture was captured by photograph by a neighbor, Joseph Shipp, and the members of Engine 2 received some notoriety for their kind deed, but it was clear that this was not their motivation. Instead, they seemed prompted by the tragedy to simply perform a kind act and to help someone in distress.


Capt. Daniel Papa, Driver Engineer Eugene Mobley, Firefighter Scot Kortright, Firefighter Timothy Sinnott, Firefighter Joseph DePiero and Fire Explorer Jordan Gennusa were the individuals who decided to pitch in.

The heart attack sufferer, Ralph McCrory, was brought to Oak Hill Hospital and is recovering from the heart attack, possibly awaiting surgery. He originally had his heart attack while mowing his lawn during the summer and would have been unable to complete the task. After talking to his wife, they found out that he would take four days to mow his lawn due to his poor health and it was at that point the firefighters decided to pitch in and help with the yard work. It took them just over a half an hour to cut the lawn which was over 2 feet long in some parts of the yard, after borrowing a mower from Ralph’s wife.

First responders such as these firefighters often get a lot of credit for the bravery they show on a regular basis in their jobs. However, they often don’t get credit for the compassion and patience they show for those who are victimized by an event. This instance shows the kinder side and human element of an injury, but also sheds light on the first responders themselves and their love of their fellow man, as well as the sense of community that they can create.

The Crayon Initiative: Inspiring Needy Children’s Imaginations

As first reported to the Good News Network, a father finds an innovative way to make sure that children in need have access to crayons. For many of us, a fresh box of crayons conjures memories of the blissful hours of childhood when imagination was free to roam wild. It is a sad reality that many children do not have access to crayons. Every year many broken crayons are discarded and end up in landfills. Crayons are notoriously not very biodegradable. Bryan Ware sought to change this scenario when he recognized that he could create an initiative to give crayons to children that desperately need them.

As Bryan Ware watched his child doodle with restaurant crayons, he mused on the fate of crayons distributed to children at restaurants; crayons are discarded after one use because they harbor germs. Ware did research and discovered that 25 to 35 tons of crayons are added to landfills each year. He found these numbers to be staggering, especially when many children in hospitals, schools and arts organizations did not have supplies. These items are typically not donated to these institutions because used crayons are often teeming with germs.

Ware created The Crayon Initiative to transform old crayons into new crayons that could be donated to hospitals, schools and art classes. He sorts the crayons by color and boils them down so they can be reshaped into triangular molds by a manufacturer. Ware opted for a triangular mold because it ensured that the crayons could be held more easily by children with special needs. These crayons are also thicker and designed to be grasped more easily by small hands.

Ware’s determination has made quite an impact. Currently Ware has taken over 100,000 boxes of donated crayons and made them into 80,000 new boxes of crayons. The new triangular crayons have been donated to hospitals and schools in low income areas.

It is extraordinary that one individual can make such an impact. The Crayon Initiative has been a labor of love for Ware. Every day, Ware sorts through the crayons in his garage and boils them in his kitchen. It is inspiring that one person can have such a large scope of impact from a foundation run from their kitchen table. Many children are now able to access fresh boxes of crayons because Ware saw a need and decided to do something about it. These children have a bit of creativity infused into their life because of the dedication of an individual. It is humbling to recognize that one person can incite change for the better.

Family of Bears Stop in For a Dip in Backyard Pool

A family of six bears enjoyed a New Jersey family’s pool last week as the mostly dismayed human family watched from the safety of their window. The bear family consisted of the mother bear and her five cubs. The story played out almost like Goldilocks and that other famous bear family as one of the young daughters was heard in the now viral videoremarked with alarm, “There’s bears in the pool!”.

The video shows the bears frolicking in the backyard pool with the easily accessible floaties that belonged to the two young girls heard in the video and the mother. The young cubs seemed to be enjoying the slide into the pool, though they didn’t quite have the hang of it. The cubs also enjoyed the swing set and the rest of the toys that they helped to scatter about. Even the mother bear seemed to be having a good time in the water. However, to the distress of both young girls, their floaties seemed to be getting destroyed by this rambunctious group as they gnawed on whatever they had their little paws on. The only one of the human family that didn’t sound like she was distressed was the mother who said she was enjoying watching the bears have the time of their lives. The husband didn’t seem to share the same sentiments, however. He was heard to have been concerned that the pool was being destroyed by the sharp claws on the bears’ feet. As was reported by an article in Sunny Skyz, the bears certainly did look like they had made themselves at home. The police were called and the one little girl was heard to remark that maybe they (bears) were scared of the police.

Though it may cause the New Jersey family some expense and some tears(in the case of the girls) in obtaining a new pool and new floaties for the mother and the daughters, it is certainly fascinating to watch that video and probably will bring a smile to adults and children alike when they view it. After getting over the trauma, just think what the young girls will have to tell everybody at school.

Oklahoma plans big Chisholm Trail celebration

Oklahoma has big things planned for 2017, during the 150th anniversary of the Chisholm Trail. More than any other trail, the Chisholm trail was responsible for the development of the cowboy heritage and had a lot to do with westward expansion in the late 1800s. Texas and Kansas are also part of the celebration, but Oklahoma is in the center of it all.

Celebrations are planned along the route the entire year, and some areas of the state have started already. For purposes of the celebration, the northern terminus of the trail will be considered Abilene, Kansas, and the southern end will be Forth Worth, Texas.

After the Civil War there was a demand for meat in the northern areas of the country. People also realized that there were literally millions of cattle running around loose in south Texas on the open range.

The Chisholm Trail ended up being the major trail that cowboys used to bring those cattle northward. The era of the cowboy didn’t last long, but it did leave a lasting impression on the nation that lives today.

The trail itself was developed by a man named Jesse Chisholm, from Wichita, Kansas, south to Texas. It was an old Indian trail, and he developed it while making way for his wagons as he was a trader. He probably never actually drove any cattle, but his having the trail ready set the wheels in motion.

At first the cattle were driven to Abilene, Kansas, where it met the rail heads. From there cattle were shipped to place like St. Louis or Chicago. The railroad gradually moved south and finally made its way deep into Texas, and the long cattle drives were no longer needed.

The Chilsholm Trail was also used by settlers and traders when the western part of the nation was being settled.

The trail roughly follows U.S. Highway 81, and towns all along the route will have celebrations of history. There will be gunfights (without real shooting), cattle drives, re-enactments and performers of various types. There are information stations spread all along the route where a person can get information about the trail an the various celebrations being planned.

Abilene has a statehood ball planned for January, and there is an Indian Festival in Wichita. There will be a rodeo in Dodge City, Kansas. There will be celebrations in Oklahoma City, and also in Oklahoma, just a few of the cities with plans include Jefferson, Medford, El Reno and Waurika.

8 Year Old Boy Receives Double Hand Surgery

On the news site, SunnySkyz, I witnessed a young boy who struggled all his life without having any hands. He struggled on to daily basis to do things that most people can do everyday without problems. For Zion Harvey, he doesn’t have any hands. For the past few years, he has been living without hands, and he lost them very early in his life because of a rare infection. He is officially the youngest person to receive a double hand transplant. After one long 11-hour operation, the child now has hands to use.

The surgery, as Dr. Scott Levin explained, the one in charge of the operation, is one the took years of training and months of planning of to properly understand how to succeed with the surgery.

The surgery was a very grueling process, but it did not cause Zion to get angry or complain, the transplant required exactly 40 people on the medical team to work for more than 11 hours on the transplants on both hands. They needed to use steel plates at the beginning to connect all the bones together. They then brought together and connected the veins, muscles, arteries, nerves, and tendons to help tend to the hands and work together.

Zion’s odd infection as a toddler is one that’s very rare. He contracted sepsis as a toddler and caused multiple organs to fail, which then required for him to lose both his hands and feet. When he was about four years old, he received a kidney transplant, which may have seemed odd at first, but it worked out in his advantage in this specific surgery since he needed a the additional strength to make sure the immune system doesn’t reject the new hands. He was given prosthetics for legs, but he wanted to know what it was like to throw a baseball or a football, or in his case, carry his sister.

Zion explains that he is excited to carry his sister and also learn the basic things that most people can do normally. It makes us all appreciate what we have and to put things into perspective. Even during bad days, Zion proves that there is always something to be grateful for. This inspiring story is encouraging doctors that almost any surgery or transplant can be done. It also inspires everybody to know that there are no limits to what can be done in the world.