Leadership And Success Come From A Healthy Body And Mind For Joseph Bismark

The founding director of the QI Group Joseph Bismark, who I’ve written about before, has recently been giving a short insight into his life and how his spiritual welfare is just as important as his business success. Business Wire has published an interview with Bismark and asPire magazine that reveals the time and effort the businessperson takes to make sure his body and mind are both as sharp as possible. Alongside the need for a well cared for body, Joseph Bismark also believes he needs to care for his own spiritual health by maintaining a regular practice of yoga and meditation as he tries to guide others through the techniques he has already mastered.

The spiritual side of life for Joseph Bismark is cared for with the regular use of yoga, which Bismark has become an expert in as he gained certification to become an instructor of the ancient art. Teaching yoga at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga provides the businessperson with the chance to pass on his knowledge to others and to learn from the instructors at the school the techniques he has yet to master for himself. A recommendation Bismark gave in his interview was for those interested in achieving a large amount with yoga to seek out the book, Anatomy of Yoga. In his everyday life Joseph Bismark has revealed he has become a major exponent of meditation and uses the Soundcloud app to make sure he always has access to his favorite mantras, those who wish to follow the spiritual path taken by Bismark can follow his mantras and other chants using this popular app.

Spirituality and meditation have always played a large role in the life of Joseph Bismark, which largely began when he spent time as a child being educated by monks in his native Philippines. Bismark has been an important part of the life of the QI Group since its founding and is responsible for many of the environmentally based projects the company has undertaken. QI has been guided by Joseph Bismark to create a line of organic foods and to reduce its environmental footprint by using a paperless system and introducing renewable energy sources to many of its locations.

Joseph Bismark has also revealed he has been working to make sure he remains as healthy as possible with the introduction of a new exercise regimen that includes a weekly planned workout and other periods of work with weights.