A Light Of Hope

In India a young woman by the name of Mansi Prakash has taken it upon herself to
use her own money to buy energy efficient light bulbs for homes in her area.
This may not sound big to a lot of people but in a place where your energy bill
dictates who eats, it is a huge deal.

She explains that these people have lights. It simply costs too much to use regular
bulbs. So she got the idea to buy energy efficient bulbs and give them to families
that have none. Effectively reducing the family’s bill by up to 80%.


Firefighters Mow Lawn for Heart Attack Victim

It is often in times of great stress and tragedy, where people come out with their best actions and redeem your view of them. One article struck me as a great way to turn around a negative event like a heart attack into a positive story.

A man who lived outside of Tampa in Spring Hill had a heart attack, however, the service of first responders did not end with contacting the hospital and getting an ambulance. Instead, members of the Hernando County Fire Department decided to stick around and help the man who suffered the heart attack as well as his family. They stuck around and mowed his lawn and took care of his yard work, which they were not obligated to do.

This nice gesture was captured by photograph by a neighbor, Joseph Shipp, and the members of Engine 2 received some notoriety for their kind deed, but it was clear that this was not their motivation. Instead, they seemed prompted by the tragedy to simply perform a kind act and to help someone in distress.


Capt. Daniel Papa, Driver Engineer Eugene Mobley, Firefighter Scot Kortright, Firefighter Timothy Sinnott, Firefighter Joseph DePiero and Fire Explorer Jordan Gennusa were the individuals who decided to pitch in.

The heart attack sufferer, Ralph McCrory, was brought to Oak Hill Hospital and is recovering from the heart attack, possibly awaiting surgery. He originally had his heart attack while mowing his lawn during the summer and would have been unable to complete the task. After talking to his wife, they found out that he would take four days to mow his lawn due to his poor health and it was at that point the firefighters decided to pitch in and help with the yard work. It took them just over a half an hour to cut the lawn which was over 2 feet long in some parts of the yard, after borrowing a mower from Ralph’s wife.

First responders such as these firefighters often get a lot of credit for the bravery they show on a regular basis in their jobs. However, they often don’t get credit for the compassion and patience they show for those who are victimized by an event. This instance shows the kinder side and human element of an injury, but also sheds light on the first responders themselves and their love of their fellow man, as well as the sense of community that they can create.

Waitress Picks Up the Tab for Customers and Gets an Amazing Gift in Return

When it comes to hard work, most people are familiar with having a long day. It doesn’t matter if you are a nurse or a mailman, labor takes it’s toll on the best of us. When two tired firefighters stepped into a Delran diner,they didn’t expect to go viral, but what happened to follow was nothing short of incredible. Paul Hullings was enjoying his breakfast, and recounting the details of his taxing night putting out a fire that occurred in a warehouse, when his waitress overhead him. After listening to the details of the fireman’s dangerous shift, Liz was so moved that she decided to give them their meal on the house.

When they asked for their check, Liz handed them a check with with a handwritten not of gratitude, “Your breakfast is on me today, thank you for all that you do; for serving others & for running into places everyone else runs away from. No matter your role, you are courageous, brave, and strong…Thank you for being bold and badass everyday! Fueled by fire and driven by courage, what an amazing example you are. Get some rest.”

Hullings says that he was so emotional about the gesture, that he began to cry. A fellow firemen posted the note to the fire department’s Facebook page, and within hours the post was spreading all over social media. The firefighters were so touched by the waitress’s act of kindness, that they were inspired to show her just how grateful they really were.

Soon, the firefighters discovered that Liz was actually in the process of raising money for her quadriplegic father. Apparently Liz’s father is confined to a wheelchair, and Liz was raising money so that she could purchase a wheelchair-accessible van. After seeing Liz’s GoFundMe campaign, the firefighters created a second post with links to the GoFundMe page that was over a year old. Within a short time, donations started rolling in, and since then over 1,000 people have donated money to Liz’s cause. So far $67,000 has been raised in donations, even though Liz’s goal was $17,000, the donations just keep coming.

What an amazing story of paying it forward, Liz found it in her heart to pick up $15 breakfast tab, only to end up being the true recipient of the blessing. When you have love in your heart, you will truly be appreciated and in ways that are hard to imagine.

One Good Man, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

The net is full of bad news and up to the minute details on the latest disaster, but finding an up lifting news article is a challenge, but not impossible. When browsing the other day I happened across a story about one very good man, and for those of us who ask what can one man do? Dwayne, “The Rock”, Johnson is the man to ask. Sunnyskyz, a bright little web site with inspirational stories, reports on Mr. Johnson, and what he did to make a difference to group of young men.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a professional wrestler, actor and producer, but there is more to the man than meets the eye. Aside from his football in his college days at the University of Miami, aside from his time on the National Award winning Miami Hurricanes, and besides from his awards in the wrestling ring, Mr. Johnson quietly visits youth in correctional facilities. He doesn’t just go and spend an afternoon and lecture the wayward young men; he spends every day in six months intervals training, talking, teaching, guiding the young men onto the good path in life. Every day during his program, he went to the Miami-Dade County Correctional Facility to run his boot camp.

The men in the program were given the choice of hard time or Mr. Johnson’s boot camp. Those that chose to join in the program were warned by Mr. Johnson that their road wouldn’t be easy, and he would break them down to rebuild them again, but he wouldn’t break them spiritually, and this Mr. Johnson did. The average rate of success through these boot camps is eight percent, but Mr. Johnson’s group hit 75%.

Maybe you remember Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as the Scorpion King, but he is so much more. Besides his prisoner rehabilitation work, Mr. Johnson keeps himself busy with many other charities. He is a member of the Make a Wish Foundation and Wounded Warriors, and while many celebrities tout their good works, Mr. Johnson goes about his quietly and without fanfare. Mr. Johnson was born to a family of wrestling men in Hayward California. The award winning actor is a credit to us all, and you can read more about him at a fan site titled “Impeccable Dwayne Johnson.” Thank you Mr. Johnson, you have a new fan.

Teacher Retires After 41 Years to Heartwarming Scene

Today.com reported that a 41 year old veteran of the teaching system was near retirement and was surprised by a retirement party of her old students who showed up just to tell her how much they appreciated the role that she had in their life.

Nancy Flexter taught in Nashville Tennessee over a career that dated back to the 1973 – 1974 school year. She taught first grade throughout her career. The student class president organized a party for her which celebrated her career and discussed all the great things she did for the children in her class over the years and how she was able to enhance their lives and put them in a position to succeed.

Student after student announced the role and impact that Mrs. Flexter had on their life and how it helped to inspire them. One student discussed how awkward she felt until Mrs. Flexter inspired her to sing in front of the class one day and she went on to feel less awkward and more outgoing. Another student discussed how he was able to go on to graduate school and pursue a higher education as a continuation of the path that Mrs. Flexter put him on from a young age. Many other students went on to discuss the personalized notes that she would write on their report cards that inspired them and provide how unique and individualistic they were. Others talked about how she was a friend above and beyond being a teacher.

Mrs. Flexter went on to describe the event calling herself “one of the luckiest people in this world” and discussed how wonderful the event made her feel and how surprised she was at the event. Flexter worked at Cole Elementary School since she was 21 years old and has spent her entire career at the one school. Even when she had chances to go to work at other schools nearer to her home she appreciated her time at Cole so much she wouldn’t transfer saying that the school gave her more than she could ever give the elementary school. She also taught many generations of the same family and both parents and children appreciated her teaching style.

Flexter said that the event was special to her and provided her with memories that will last her a lifetime and made her time spent as a teacher was worthwhile. She received a medal from the school for her lifetime achievement.

Selfless Aid To Elderly Woman

A simple act of kindness can go a long way. Recently in North Carolina the weather has been far less than dry. This is the scene when an elderly lady came into a local grocery store to get some must needed groceries. After checking out, the rain was still pouring down.

The young bagger at the check out stand asked if she would like some help getting her groceries to her car. She stated that she did not need the help. Again the young man asked if she would like some help to her car, and again she stated that it was not necessary.

On the third time she again said no, and the bag boy responded with the statement that he did not feel this was what she truly wanted. She had responded with saying that she did not want him to get wet because of the rain. 

The bagger grabbed an umbrella and helped her to her car. He got all of her groceries in the car and made sure that she was comfortably situated in the vehicle. Upon turning to walk back to the store the umbrella inverted soaking the bagging clerk.

Keeping a positive attitude and a smile on his face, the clerk walked back to the store. Once in the store he was met with a resounding round of applause. Customers applauded his kindness towards the elderly woman. A truly great gesture that the bagging clerk made was recognized and appreciated by those who witnessed it.

What is more is that the act was caught in a video by an onlooker. Posted to social media, and websites, this video has gone viral. Without trying, the young bagging clerk has become a viral sensation, and all he did was perform a selfless act of kindness to a person in need. 

It just goes to prove that while every act of kindness is not immediately rewarded, every one of them is appreciated. As those selfless individuals step up to aid others in need, they are making a difference in the world around them. They are making our world a better place to be and live in.

If more people would see the need to help when needed and not wait for the other to ask, we would all be living in a better world. For now, it is best to simply thank those who step up when the need presents itself.

Teacher wins money and game show and guess what she did with it?

Most people who get any chance whatsoever to win money will be thinking of all the things they could buy for themselves, the bills they could pay, thinking about what kind of car they want to buy for themselves, or what kind of vacation they will take. Even if they aren’t thinking about themselves, they normally think about their family and all the things they can buy or do for them. Well not all people, because a school teacher from Australia went on a game show on television and won $20,000. 

A thirty two year old lady named Bri Dredge was on a television show called “Millionaire Hot Seat.” After guessing the right answers several times, she finally made it to the $20,000 spot when she lost. Most people would have been upset that they didn’t make it further, but not this lady. Well she was just fine with that, because she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her winnings, she decided that the very best way to spend that money was to use the money she won and buys each and every child in her school-Yuille Park Community College in Ballarat, brand new shoes. A community college in Australia is equal to a Kindergarten through eighth grade here in the United States.

Now you would think after all that hard work and effort she would spend some of it on herself or her family, wouldn’t you think? Well guess what, we are wrong again. She decided she wanted to spend the money on the kids in her school where she is a teacher. It isn’t clear if she had decided before the show what she wanted to do if she won money, or if it is something she decided to do after she won the money.

She said when she walked into her school the kids were so happy. They each gave her a big hug and told her how thankful they were to her. They were so happy and so thankful; it made her feel so good about being able to do something for them. She said it made the whole thing worthwhile for her. She bought each child-all 200 of them-expensive leather shoes that would last them a long time. She wanted to make sure that they had good, sturdy shoes to last them through a long, freezing winter.

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