Marvel’s Brave New Take on a Classic

Marvel Comics, who’ve created some of the most iconic fictional characters like the X-men, the Amazing Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk, just to name a few, has come under critical fire lately due to it’s progressive approach when reinventing some of it’s classic characters. They have been doing this in recent times with characters like: Thor, Captain America, Spiderman and in the latest Fantastic Four movie, the Human Torch.

Most recently joining the roster undergoing an identity transformation, is it’s character Moon-Boy. Moon-Boy, a primitive, young caveman-humanoid species, covered almost completely in blue-like fur (all except the palms of his hands, soles of his feet and face) has Tarzan-like strength and the ability to forage and thrive in the wild, as he was part of a tribe of early humans in an alternate Earth reality. This alternate Earth universe, apparently being the one in which all of Marvel’s characters reside, as he and Devil Dinosaur (his companion) seem to have many run-ins with a plethora of Marvel’s roster. He also has the ability to communicate with his partner in crime, a Tyrannosaurus Rex whom he saved from a rival tribe who killed it’s mother and siblings. They tried torching the creature but managed only to permanently scorch his skin, making it permanently bright red. Moon-boy aptly named him, Devil.

Fast-forward to Marvel’s most recent interpretation of Moon-boy and we have: Moon-girl; an African-American, pre-teen female who’s powers are said to be, unlike any other superhero. Marvel not only wanted to bring new life to these two figures, but also wanted to breathe a whole new air of freshness into the legacy, thus bringing it to modern day New York City; world’s away from pre-historic, alternate Earth of 616 A.D. This drastic change will not only give writers exciting new ways to expand on Devil’s stories, but it represents a whole new generation; in this case, a generation of young black girls. It gives them a superhero they can see themselves in; someone they can be inspired by and look up to, letting them know that ANYONE can be ANYTHING.

Marvel Comics must be applauded in their efforts to incorporate a more diverse cast of nationalities into the realm of fantasy. They want to include those previously unrepresented, which I find admirable. Today’s world is only becoming more accepting, inclusive and diversified. Why not our superheroes?

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Voice Of Princess Anna, Kristen Bell, Leaves A Message For Girl With Brain Tumor

For most little girls, Frozen is a film that has changed their lives to teach them about love from a sister, compassion, and that love can thaw a frozen heart. The beautiful tale has spread like wildfire the moment the film came out, and it ended up becoming the highest grossing animated of all time with more than $1.8 billion in revenue.

For Avery Huffman, Princess Anna is her favorite character from the film. Unlike most girls, however, she was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gioma, a tumor that is found in the pons, which is a part of the brainstem.

Avery’s father is a scout writer for a college recruiting website. He has explained how amazing the support has been from many people like the coaches, teachers, readers, and even the Make A Wish Foundation. One person who has added to the huge list of people who cared for this little girl is actress, Kristen Bell, voice of Princess Anna in Frozen.

Kristen made a personal call in the voice and tone of her character, Princess Anna. The personal call has brought tears to millions of people ionize as she tells Avery how she is a strong girl and is an “Honorary Princess” for her bravery.

The video of the phone call has now gone extremely viral, as explained on The father, Brandon, has explained that he truly enjoys watching it over and over again. He just loves getting to see his daughters me face light up and smile every time he watches the video. He has watched it more than 50 times. He is extremely happy that the video has gone because it has shared Avery’s strength and toughness despite such a terrifying condition she is dealing with at the moment. Brandon has also said that the fact others are reacting to the video the same way he has is what makes it even more special when he watches it over.

What makes this moment so special is how Kristen Bell really took the time to give this little girl a message. It is so beautiful to see a little girl dealing with something was horrible as a brain tumor really get this chance to erectile a message from somebody as special as her favorite carton character.

This is by far one very heartwarming story that brings hope, more faith in humanity, and a special love for those struggling with such difficult conditions and diseases. It opens the eyes in many ways.

Disney Hopes To Capture The Magic Of Aladdin With The Live Action Film Genies

Disney has enjoyed much commercial success with live action movies such as Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent, and it now appears that Disney is diving deeper into its’ cannon. Currently a live action prequel to Aladdin is in the works. 

This screenplay was developed by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. Tripp Vinson is also slated as a producer. Shannon and Swift previously worked on Freddy vs. Jason and the Friday the 13th remake. Vinson served as an executive producer for the San Andreas summer blockbuster.

The film is still in the very early planning stages. Under the working title of Genies, this film aims to explore the Genie’s backstory as well as the realm that genies originate from. Many will recall the beloved Robin Williams as the brilliant tour de force talent that breathed life in to the 1992 animated Aladdin. Filling his shoes would be impossible, so this genie must be a reimagined genie in order for this effort to be successful.

The writers had much wiggle room in creating the Genie’s backstory, because the animated film never gave the Genie by any other name than “Genie”. Because this was left open ended, the Genie could essentially be anyone and could come from any kind of background. This film will most likely explore the Genie’s life before he was trapped in the lamp as well as what caused the Genie to be sentenced to the imprisonment in the lamp in the first place. The prequel may be designed to launch into a live action Aladdin movie as well.

Aladdin is still one of the more popular stories in Disney’s archives and the Tony award winning musical has enjoyed commercial and critical success. Because this story is beloved and has resonated with audiences of different generations, Disney found this story to be ripe for a live action prequel.

Maleficent serves as the blueprint for the prequel approach. The prequel drew large a large audience and was deemed a box office success. Essentially, creating a backstory for a mysterious character served Disney well in this model. 

Other than the prequel approach, Disney is also attempting remake animated movies. Beauty and the Beast is anticipated to be a live action remake of the animated film. Hopefully Genies will feature a reimagined Genie; otherwise it is placing the Genie as a character that will be but a shadow of the animated counterpart that Robin Williams brilliantly depicted.

Much due to Disney’s live action box office successes, audiences can expect many more live action Disney films in the future. In fact, many animated classics are in the works to receive the live action makeover treatment. Some films that have been cited as upcoming projects include a live action Dumbo, Jungle Book, Mulan and Pinocchio. Some of these films will most likely be live action remakes of the original animated films.

It should prove interesting to see how this project develops. With all the live action films in development, the Mouse House is anticipating that audiences are eager for the live action cinematic journey.