scabrous: Word of the day for August 18, 2017

scabrous , adj :
Covered with scales or scabs; hence, very coarse or rough.
(figuratively) Disgusting, repellent, repulsive, vile.
(figuratively) Of music, writing, etc.: lacking refinement, harsh, rough; unmelodious, unmusical.
(figuratively) Difficult, thorny, troublesome.
(figuratively, chiefly US) Covered with a crust of dirt or grime.

pomerium: Word of the day for August 15, 2017

pomerium , n :
(historical, Roman Empire) The tract of land denoting the formal, sacral ambit of a Roman city.
Today is Ferragosto, a public holiday in Italy. The term derives from the Latin feriae Augusti (holidays of the Emperor Augustus), and is said to have been introduced by Augustus after his victory at the Battle of Actium in 31 bce.

rupee: Word of the day for August 14, 2017

rupee , n :
The common name for the monetary currencies used in modern India, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, the Seychelles, or Sri Lanka, often abbreviated ₨.
A silver coin circulating in India between the 16th and 20th centuries, weighing one tola (formerly 170–180 troy grains; from 1833, 180 troy grains).
Today is the Independence Day of Pakistan, one of the countries that calls its currency the rupee.